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 Days of Diege and War
The Airstrip 


Since the road to Gush Etzion was blocked, they began looking for solutions to maintain the link with GushEtzion via air. In the first stage, they tried parachuting supplies, weapons and ammunition. Generally the equipment crashed upon landing or fell into the hands of the enemy. In the second stage, they began preparing a landing strip for the light "Primus" aircraft.  On 27 Shvat 5708 (7.2 .1948) on the Sabbath, the first plane landed in Gush Etzion. In this manner a small quantity of supplies and ammunition arrived, and movement of commanders, the transfer of wounded etc. was facilitated. The quantity of the cargo carried by the planes was quite meager and this could not constitute a solution to the severe problems faced by Gush Etzion during that period.


 Two "Primus" in the Airstrip                                                               

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