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 Days of Diege and War
Life under the Siege 


The agricultural branch of the settlements was devastated.  Years of hard work were lost. The number of graves in the cemetery increased and those who fell in battle left a gaping void in the hearts of the survivors.  Despite everything, the settlers-defenders managed to maintain a cultural and spiritual life, and maintain their Jewish-pioneering lifestyle. They were able to confer upon the fighting Etzion Bloc a spirit of sanctity, purity, devotion and faith.

In the wake of the first attack, the fall of the thirty-five, and the demand to retreat from Gush Etzion, a member of Ein-Tzurim wrote his parents in Tel Aviv:

"We do not quite understand what this panic is all about? What is this parents' meeting that you are conducting there? The community is undergoing the test of fire, and there you are preparing retreat plans. Is this a result of the fact that I am the son of such and such parents rather than of other anonymous ones that you are making such preparation? Let it be clear to you, we are not the only children of the Jewish community. We are no better than the defenders of Jerusalem's Old City, we are not better than those who are defending the Menashia neighborhood [in Jaffa], so that you, the citizens, can maintain your normal lifestyle. Everybody has his role to play; we will fulfill our role here.  Let it be clear to all the parents - we will not move from here! We are well protected, we will return fire. Stop your parents’ meetings! Change the contents of your letters; send letters with an alternative content, so we can perceive that Hebrew parents are writing them.  Listen dear dad and mom! We are very angered by the fall of our comrades and we will avenge their blood.  We are strong in spirit."



The Convoy to the Etzion Bloc 5748 (1948)


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