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 Days of Diege and War
The Major Attack on 3 Shvat 5748 (14.1.1948) 


At dawn, Gush Etzion was attacked by mobs of Arab raiders who had been summoned from the vicinity and even from the Negev and Samaria.  In the course of the fierce battle, the attackers tried to split Gush Etzion by capturing Hirbet-Zechariah, which was defended by Palmach members.  As a result of a successful counterattack by the Gush Etzion defenders, the attackers were put to flight leaving behind heavy casualties. Three defenders of Gush Etzion, members of Kibbutz Revadim, were killed. This was the first heavy assault of this kind in the War of Independence, when Arab gangs displayed organizational skills, preparedness, military planning and execution under the command of their talented and venerated leader Abd-el Kader Husseini.  Driving back the attackers was an important event in the battle.


The Searchlight Position on the Roof of Neveh Ovadiah-5748 (1948)


 In the evening, the defenders found themselves in a grave situation.  Ammunition was almost totally exhausted. There were neither medical supplies nor plasma for the wounded. Communication apparatuses stopped operating due to a lack of batteries.  Consequently, the Haganah command in Jerusalem dispatched the Mountain Unit to provide reinforcements and equipment to Gush Etzion, and to prepare for the anticipated renewal of the Arab attack.

 Map of  the Third of Shvat Attack

Casualties  in the Attack on the Third of Shvat


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