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1.The Era of Patriarchs, Tribes and Kings 


Mount Hebron served in ancient times as one of the centers of Jewish settlement in the Land of Israel. The nation's patriarchs, Abraham, Yizhak and Yaakov, passed through the Mount in all their travels, and established their home in Hebron. It is he Mountain Road, between Hebron and Jerusalem, that Abraham and Yizhak followed on their way to the Akedah on Mount Moriah. The first instance of land purchase in Israel is copiously detailed in Genesis, surrounding the purchase of the Cave of Machpela in Hebron to erect a tomb. The Matriarch Rachel is buried in Bethlehem, where Boaz redeems Ruth and marries her. Bethlehem is also the birthplace of David son of Jesse, the future king. From Hebron, King David ruled over Judea, and when the country was unified he captured Jerusalem and established it as the eternal capital of the people of Israel – a Holy City and home to the Temple.

In the Valley of Elah, near Socho and Azekah, the campaign where David smote Goliath took place. Upon the schism of the kingdom, Rehoboam erected a network of fortifications closing Mount Hebron to the west, south and east. Major forts were placed on the mountains: Hebron, Beit Zur and Bethlehem. In the Valley of Bracha the people gathered to praise G-D after the victory over Amon and Moav in the Tekoa Desert. In Tekoa – a city founded by the Tribe of Judah during the initial settlement of the Land of Israel –the prophet Amos was born and raised.

Mount Hebron is the heart of the territory bestowed upon the Tribe of Judah – the foremost tribe of Israel. Many of the locations today retain their ancient names, such as: Carmel and Ma’on, Zif and Yuta, Eshtamoa and Dvir, Gador and Beit Zur, Paor and Eitam, Beit Lehem and Tekoa, Beit Zachria and Beitar. Jewish settlement of the region persisted long after the exile of the tribes of the kingdom of Israel to Assyria. It is the name of the Tribe of Judah, whose people lived in Mount Hebron, which we, the Jewish people, bear to this day. They are our ancestors, and we are their descendents and heirs.





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